7/11/2021 - I found a pile of stolen checkbooks while walking around a military base. I needed to leave soon to rejoin the group I was with for a return flight home, but I wanted to make sure I turned in the checkbooks. It occurred to me that I may have been in danger if I had been spotted by the person who had stolen them and either stashed or dropped them in the spot where I found them. I wandered around for a while and ended up outside a large building surrounded by chain-link fence and concertina wire.

Where the fence met the edge of the block building, there was a checkpoint that consisted of a small (perhaps 4'x4') box with a guard in it. A line of people waited to be processed through the checkpoint to the other side. When I arrived, the guard had me enter the box and sit on a small folding chair in the corner. I gave them the pile of checkbooks and was told to wait. I felt a combination of safety from the guards potentially protecting me from the thief whose stolen checkbooks I turned in and concern that the guards would accuse me of having taken them.

One of the guards took me to another section of the base in a police car and told me I would be safe in a small room there. I entered the room to see some chairs and desks, a cabinet, and a refrigerator. I had been up and going for a prolonged period of time and felt that I needed something to eat and drink. The cabinet had various snacks and the refrigerator had water and orange juice. There was a coffee maker but no coffee. I kept thinking I should have some juice and water but never got around to doing it. I also realized that there were racks of rifles lining the walls and I thought it was odd that they would leave a random person in there with access to their firearms. I had no reason to interfere with the rifles, so I left them alone.

Later, I was in an adjoining room with a woman who was talking with me. I felt a very strong connection with her. She gave me a document. I told her, "I'd like to stay in touch with you after this, but I know we won't be able to." I remember thinking that we should at least attempt to write each other letters in the future. She was wearing a mask and a uniform, and I was looking at a staff photo on the wall of the room, trying to figure out which one she was in the photo and therefore what she looked like without the mask.


5/6/2021 - I held an answering machine like it was a musical instrument and used dials and knobs to pitch bend, delay, and loop segments of an old answering machine incoming call tape.


3/7/2021 - I often find myself in a building that seems like a hospital or more specifically some type of longterm care facility, wandering the hallways. I rarely, if ever, see anyone else. The rooms and beds seem empty, but the building is kept up and doesn't seem abandoned. The walls are a clinical light mint green. I frequently come to one particular door at the end of the hallway but don't attempt to open it. Last night I came to the door again and the handle was gone, replaced by three deadbolt locks.


11/25/2020 - I was standing in front of my parents' house (where I lived as a kid) at night looking at the cul-de-sac where there were two groups of people walking in circles in the street. The group on the right had perhaps a dozen or two dozen people. I recognized a few of them as former neighbors from when I lived in that house. The majority I didn't recognize or couldn't see clearly. Some were walking in pairs, holding hands. Some were walking alongside each other. Others walked solo. This group was walking clockwise. The group on the left was walking counter-clockwise. The only person I recall from that group is my grandmother who passed away over a decade ago. When I approached her she told me, "The nurse at a hospital was about to accidentally give a woman the wrong pills. I stopped her."


10/20/2020 - There was a special event only for left-handed fathers with left-handed kids.


10/7/2020 - I was taken to a massive, multi-story building as part of a team-building event for work. The building was likely 20 floors or more, and each floor was full of rooms that were all part of one massive, live-action "game" that involved real people both as players and as characters within the game.

Initially, the game involved trying to capture certain objects on a smartphone in order to establish your inventory of items to use for the remainder of the game. I didn't fully understand how it worked, but I was clicking on things, and things were occurring on the screen. I was seeing results coming up on the screen as text but couldn't exactly read them and couldn't tell if what was happening was good or bad. I do know that among the items I acquired during the inventory phase was a painkiller pill. I saw it on the screen and decided to save it for later.

Once I was actually into the physical game and had explored multiple floors and several rooms, I ran across a little girl who had been abused. I didn't know if she was part of the "game" but I didn't care. I immediately took her with me and went to exit the game. As I was waiting for the elevator, I yelled to everyone within earshot on that floor, "If you abuse your child, I WILL take them from you, I WILL raise them myself, and I WILL be their dad." Eventually the elevator opened and we got in. The remainder of the dream seemed very long but all took place with us riding in the elevator. As we were riding in the elevator, the little girl asked me, "Does it feel like the flow of time is changing to you?"


9/24/2020 - As I walked out of a cavernous mall, I found myself at a gas station. Two men with a small portable P.A. system were preaching at the gas station. The one speaking when I approached said, "Clinging to normalcy is a form of idolatry. Bowing down to comfort and convenience is a form of idolatry." A man with dreadlocks attacked the man speaking over the P.A. The two preachers restrained the man in a positon where his arms were at a 90-degree angle out from his body. The three of them stayed in that position like a statue made of a paused freeze frame of a video.


9/11/2020 - Wandering through a maze-like and cavernous hospital. I'm looking for the exit. I realize I've been here before in another dream and that I can't get out the way I'm headed. I ask a nurse for directions and she tells me that the exit is on the 14th floor. I head for the elevator. Later: Two hippies in a nearly empty suite in a mall. A man and a woman seated on the floor. They tell me, "We're a Christian bookstore two doors down from a bar." Then the man tells me, "God wouldn't put a pimp in the White House."


8/23/2020 - Earthquake in Mexico. Algebra test on Monday. Have to pack and drive back in morning. "Save the next one" paint brush dispenser machine displaying (2/10). 2/10 May have been brush size (2/10") or the date February 10th.


7/1/2020 - I made a telephone call to someone by using a jar of honey.


6/16/2020 - My late quadriplegic cousin was sitting in a car at the end of my parents' street. I noticed a guy and a kid approaching and instinctually stayed near the car to keep my cousin safe. I figured the guy was just going to offer to wash, wax, or detail the car but wasn't going to chance it. I was willing to give him a few dollars just to give them to him but already knew without reaching for my wallet that I had no cash.

I went to shake the man's hand and he stopped short and hesitated. I realized what I was doing (in the era of COVID-19) and put my hand back down saying, "I guess we're not doing that anymore." He started to walk away down the street and the car door opened. Now the person who had been in the car was my daughter. She started following the man down the street and I started calling after her. She wasn't listening to me and my calls became louder and more desperate.

By the time I reached her and picked her up, she had become a tortoise in my hand. It was in bad shape as if it had been in a very traumatic accident, and its shell was falling apart. I was overcome with sadness.

The next thing I knew, I was sitting in a diner, staring at my hands where the tortoise had been, grieving with my head hunched over. A server came over and put her hand on my shoulder. She was saying incredibly kind things to me but also telling me things about my life that she had no way of knowing, speaking detail after detail. She revealed that she had listened to my conversations every time I had come into the diner and that she cared about me. Even still, she couldn't have known all those things just from eavesdropping while I was in the diner.


5/10/2020 - I spent several hours wandering around a multi-story strip mall that was several blocks long, in an attempt to find parking space X 52.


4/17/2020 - I was lying on my back and a black and white face was hovering right above mine, a few inches away, looking me in the eyes. I could make the face change expressions when I wanted it to, but every expression was an incredibly negative one. I knew that I was controlling it to a point, in that I could get it to change. However, I realized that my control was very limited by the fact that I couldn't get it to make any expressions that weren't angry or threatening. It became increasingly unnerving.


3/26/2020 - Earthquakes and fire. But I was at peace. I remember thinking, "I knew this was coming."


2/27/2020 - I attempted to buy an IPA at the counter of some kind of convenience store or grocery store. The clerk was a guy who had hosted a public access TV show I watched sometimes back in the 90's. He refused to sell the IPA to me because he didn't like how I pronounced the name of the brand and the beer.


2/26/2020 - The Washington Nationals and the L.A. Dodgers were playing in the National League Championship Series. Justin Turner of the Dodgers came up to bat wearing a suit of armor and a conquistador's "comb morion" (helmet). The announcers explained that he had weight issues and this is the only way he was able to bat.


2/11/2020 - Dick Cheney was hanging out in my parents' kitchen at night along with a couple Secret Service agents. I was there as well, along with my parents and a couple other people.

Prince (the musician, not a member of the royal family) was supposed to show up at some point. Two cars pulled up in front of the house at two different points. Unfortunately, the first was only Prince's security team. The second was an Uber Eats vehicle bringing a chicken parmesan sandwich that one of Cheney's support staff ordered.

Prince never showed up and my friend Mario was really disappointed because he had brought some original artwork he made of Prince to have autographed.


2/10/2020 - I was hanging out in a run-down cabin with some non-famous pro wrestlers, the ones known as "jobbers" whose role is to repeatedly lose to star wrestlers to make them look better.

One of the wrestlers (male) and his manager (female) were characters whose gimmick was that they were supposed to seem vaguely like members of the Manson Family. The manager's name was Daisy and the wrestler was called Friend.


1/28/2020 - Lil Nas X was buying a beer from a snack bar at a spring training baseball game. No one carded him.

A small group of people recognized him and came over to talk to him. As they did, he began showing them various things on the stadium's video screens by manipulating a set of controls in front of him.


1/9/2020 - I was with a group of people, yet by myself, when Auld Lang Syne played. As people were dancing and kissing one another, I sat on a bookshelf and covered my head with my arms.


1/6/2020 - From the front window of my parents' house, I somehow had a view of the back yard. The massive eucalyptus tree was gone.


1/2/2020 - I was in China on a trip for work. We were in a massive indoor grocery store with huge tiled aisles the width of streets. A white-gloved woman in an official-looking uniform was standing at an intersection of two large aisles, directing walking customers in the same way a police officer might direct automobile traffic.

As I walked in her direction, she remained the same distance from me. I continued to walk forward as she continued to motion us ahead. I paid very close attention as I didn't want to move when it wasn't my turn, thereby breaking the rules.


12/24/19 - I was in a class that had to assemble a multimedia piece comprised of studio art (drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.), video, audio, and a live performance element.

Everyone in the class was given a piece of paper with a different date, time, and address on it. You were to record a segment of ambient atmospheric audio at that time/location to be incorporated into the overall piece at the end of the semester.

When I looked up the address on my phone, the final driving segment on the map kept going in tighter north, east, south, west squares in the streets around the final destination. It kept drawing smaller squares within slightly larger squares.


12/2/19 - Maynard James Keenan started a dive team. Not a dive team as in people who do flips off a high diving board for points, but like a Navy-affiliated dive team that would ride on the outside of submersibles for purposes of underwater demolition and counter-terrorist efforts.

He was training them in a massive industrial training pool that was the size of a football field and a couple hundred feet deep. They would ride the submersible to the bottom, holding handles on the side of it and hovering slightly above and behind it, before collecting a small object (like a ring) from the bottom and returning with it to the surface.

The massive training pool also had an entire thrift store in the bottom of it, and they had everything. I looked for records. I found a rockabilly cassette in a weird cardboard box priced at $28.


11/23/19 - We had a pet bear. I was really concerned when it got out of the house.


10/26/19 - While waiting in a checkout line, my friends and I loudly sang The Who's "My Generation." We were asked to stop.


10/18/19 - A strange young man made a loud screeching noise. The sound ignited a roaring fire in the fireplace. I was stunned. I looked around and noticed that no one else seemed surprised by it.


10/11/19 - We had to climb unstable walls in order to get into line for our gate at the airport.

I was on my way up when someone ended up climbing next to me. Not wanting to further destabilize the wall, I let go and dropped back down to my feet so he could go ahead. Eventually, this situation repeated with so many people, I knew I was going to be late for boarding.

I climbed the wall, but had waited too long and the gate area had been replaced by some type of market (in the airport) with all the items haphazardly in piles on the floor. Most of what I saw looked like piles of smooth, polished, colored stones or jewelry.

I never did make my flight back home.


10/9/19 - I was carrying a hammer as I entered a video arcade. I walked past rows of video games all the way to the back corner of the arcade. There I found an old-style stereo system inside of a shelf unit with a glass door on the front. I threw the hammer into the door, causing a spectacular shattering of glass.

In the same motion I continued moving forward and exited through a pair of double doors in the back of the arcade. I started running. I was able to move very quickly and made it out to the parking lot. It was a busy parking lot. Beyond people parking, exiting, or entering vehicles, there was a lot of construction going on. People were welding. Blowtorches were lit. Equipment was everywhere. I knew that I'd be able to blend in with everyone.


10/6/19 - I was by myself touring a massive skyscraper in a very large city where we were considering renting (or had already started renting, as some of our possessions were already there). We were on the top floor, and much of the place I was touring was open-air and had no ceiling.

I could see the buildings around me, and the views were absolutely gorgeous. It was genuinely one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my life. I felt more "at home" in that place in that moment than I ever have. There were rooftop gardens on a number of the buildings around ours, and the sky was an amazing blue. The feeling I had at that moment was even far more wonderful than even the views were.

The place we were renting (or going to rent) was extensive. I moved from room to room, and it kept going. Each room was already not only furnished but had artwork on the walls, as the person who owned the place had left a lot of their personal items there. I probably viewed close to 25-30 different rooms, each one very different from the next, but all of them fascinating.

In one room, there was a massive rust-colored steel beam arching from the corner of the room across the ceiling. It was so large and located in a way that I realized it was part of the building's support structure. In other rooms there was odd furniture, unusually-shaped spaces, or really small areas.

The longer I walked through the space, the more that random people started showing up and making themselves at home. I didn’t let them in, they were just there. Some were reading books in some of the rooms. Others were having coffee or tea in the kitchen. Eventually, there were a couple dozen people there. Despite the rooms having walls, I could see through the entirety of the floor we were on, as if the walls were transparent. My first thought was, “I’m not so sure about people just randomly showing up in our home with no notice or no invitation.” After thinking about it, however, I figured that it seemed more communal than invasive and just assumed that’s how people lived around there.

Eventually, I ended up in the kitchen with several people who were standing around a marble-topped island, having drinks. Snoop Dogg was there, and mentioned to me that he liked my record collection. As he motioned to the record shelves in the next room, I once again could see through the wall to what he was gesturing at. I mentioned to him that the collection included an original copy of Skull Snaps’ self-titled 1973 funk album that was sampled by hundreds of hip hop artists. He seemed so impressed by that, he said, “I’m going to make you my ‘Person of the Day.’” I wasn’t entirely sure what he meant by that, but I assumed he was doing some kind of TV show, internet-based show, or podcast, where he was intending on mentioning me that day.

I was so excited to move in there and was awe in how extensive and eccentric it was.


10/5/19 - The Flaming Lips were due to play a concert at a small club. I was among the crowd waiting in the wood-floored main room in front of an empty stage. Next to the stage was a control room of sorts, where the mixing board was. I could see the band through the window of that room. A lot of time had elapsed and the band hadn’t started the show. They were incredibly late in starting and the crowd was getting restless.

Eventually, the lead singer of the Flaming Lips came out to talk with us, only it wasn’t Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, it was Buzz Osborne of The Melvins. When he came out to talk with us, he explained the band wasn’t going to play a concert after all, and that they had decided to do a performance art piece instead. The performance art would involve a great deal of audience participation in the form of a softball game to be played in the club by the band and the audience. He told me that he wanted me to pitch, but that I would have to pitch from the top of a ladder. They brought a ladder out, I climbed it with the softball they had given me in my hand. I waited up at the top for a while.

Even more time elapsed with nothing happening. It was probably close to 60-90 minutes after the scheduled start time, and people were growing even more restless. Eventually, a representative of the band came out and explained that there would be no concert or performance art, the band was leaving, and we should all go home. I figured that if I paid for a concert that never happened, and didn’t even get the performance art softball game, I was gonna keep the softball as a souvenir.


10/4/19 - Former Utah Jazz center Mark Eaton threw one of his shoes at my daughter.


10/1/19 - An old lady was mad that her favorite restaurant had been closed down by the health department. She stood outside the front window of the eatery complaining loudly to anyone passing by.

"I too enjoy contracting salmonella poisoning," I said to her, pretending to shake my fist at the closed restaurant. She was not amused. I then went on a multi-joke improv tangent about being a fan of risky food and mocking the shuttered establishment.

I ended by pretending to knock on the front window of the restaurant and asking, "Pardon me, do you serve deviled eggs? And by that I mean eggs actually possessed by Satan himself?" She was still not amused.


9/12/19 - I was in a combination hospital/fire station. There was a young boy there in a hospital gown. They sat me down at a small table to play a game of cards with him. The deck I was given was awkwardly mismatched from not only multiple decks, but multiple types of cards that belonged to a wide variety of completely different games. Then one of the firefighters handed us a pair of dice as well. I got the idea that they were busy and didn't have time to take care of the kid so they wanted me to entertain him.

Later, I was sitting on a type of futon or bed next to a bizarre baby that was much more machine than human. The face was made out of what looked like an antique phone handset or an old modem cradle. The arms were metal spiral cables. The "baby" was on its back and couldn't really move its whole body, but it tried to extend its cable arms toward me. When it did, I felt a sensation that felt like a combination of an electric shock and a burst of warm air. The feeling and the baby in general made me uncomfortable, so I slowly started inching away from it. I felt bad doing so, however, because my thought was, "It/he/she just wants love and connection with someone." I somehow knew it couldn't see (it didn't have eyes), but that it had the sense of touch as well as some type of sonar or infrared type of ability to detect objects or people in front of it.


8/24/19 - Several hundred high school students were lined up at the entrance to a school with donuts in their hands. One particular student showed up for school and ran up the steps to the school and down the hallway as all the students threw their donuts at him. Apparently he had thrown a donut at someone the day prior in the school cafeteria and this was the response. It was like running the gauntlet, but with baked goods.


8/16/19 - I was standing stage left laughing and throwing big chunks of cheese at performers in a massive production of some musical.


6/2/19 - I randomly told someone that Buster Douglas had been a 42-1 underdog to beat Mike Tyson but managed to do it anyway.


5/1/19 - I was in France for s speaking engagement. I was in a town that had recently had some violent conflicts, so when I heard gunfire start (from multiple sources/directions), I wasn't surprised or startled. Those around me seemed generally unfazed by it as well. That said, I sought cover near a brick wall.

A couple minutes later I realized I should probably arm myself. In the bed of an old truck that was full of boxes, I found an old, single-shot, bolt-action rifle and a box of ammunition. I took both and looked for a spot to sit and load the rifle. All this took place while I was still totally relaxed.

A few minutes later, mortar rounds started hitting the area. I could hear them whistling on their way down. This is when everyone stopped being calm, myself included. I tried to run, but my progress was very slow. I resolved myself to the fact that I was likely going to be hit by a mortar round as they had started raining down in my area and started getting progressively closer. I prayed for forgiveness and waited for the next round to land.


3/27/19 - I was taking over a job my dad retired from years ago working for the city. His desk was still there with all his stuff, but the desk was the size of an entire room and had dozens (if not hundreds) of cabinets, drawers, flat surfaces, and various segments. It was like several desks built into one, with some of them sideways, or vertical. One segment had grass growing on it. I started to remove it before realizing it was supposed to be there. I began organizing it and it occurred to me that doing so was going to take hours, if not days.


3/25/19 - They figured out the posts from a pseudonym FB account were actually from me. They revealed this to me by having plastic grocery bags made with messages written to me on the sides. The messages were 75% emoji.


2/15/19 - I was in a building that was a combination of a hospital and an old fire department admin building my dad worked in when I was a kid. A surgical podiatrist was conducting a lunch-and-learn in the hallway of the building, teaching the other physicians (with specialties in areas other than his) about various problems with the foot that could be detected and addressed with a method that used a two-finger tap with the index and middle finger at the same time.

He had a very complex mechanical model of a foot to demonstrate what he was teaching. The foot could be moved apart in thousands of combinations due to a series of hinges, springs, and other mechanisms within it. He would spread two pieces apart (one with each hand), do a two-finger tap on a portion of the exposed area, and recite the name of a foot problem, injury, or disease. A second later, he'd be revealing another portion of the interior of the foot, tapping it with two fingers, and reciting the name of the problem that could be detected in that area using the two-finger tap method. Every new portion he revealed and name he recited took about one second each and the way he did it was very rhythmic and on-beat. The only issue I can recall the name of was "Fleet Feet."

As he would do each section, a man who was sitting next to him with an 80's-style Casio keyboard would either strike a chord on the keyboard or play a very quick series of two or three notes. He'd play a different chord or note series for every new section the podiatric surgeon would reveal, just as the surgeon named the issue that could be detected/fixed in that area. No one explained it to me, but I instinctually understood that this keyboard accompaniment was done to help commit the entire list of sections/names/issues to memory more easily due each varying piece being connected with a different chord or note progression in the minds of the observing physicians.

A man seated a few feet away from the keyboard player looked up at me and smiled.


2/5/19 - The band on stage at a very large concert venue got the whole crowd to chant in unison, "WE SUCK AT PARKING!"


12/15/18 - We walked out of a house into a series of rolling, grassy hills that looked like Ireland. I opened the left door of a pair of French doors to walk out there, my daughter walked right through the one on the right, as the glass pane was missing from the center.

As we walked the hills, patches of them became muddy. We began singing, "Well we'll all go walking... all around the boggy marsh!"

She fell/jumped in at one point and disappeared. I was frantic, leaning over the edge, kneeling on a piece of solid ground, calling her name. A hand shot up. I grabbed it and pulled her out.

I carried her off in my arms, in tears, at one point falling to my knees while still holding her.


8/22/18 - A man was giving me his notebooks, a collection of evidence and clues, and a book he had actually published, all of which had to do with strange circumstances that had occurred in and around the building that we were in. In the book it said, "1-23-18." It may or may not have been a date. Based on the age of the building and the material he had been collecting, if it was a date, that was 1918 not 2018.


8/7/18 - I was in Paradise Valley Mall near closing time. The mall was completely empty and they were beginning to turn off the lights. I was keeping a low profile in a seating area, hoping they wouldn't notice me so I could spend the evening in the empty mall listening to the distant, reverb-heavy music. I woke up before they could ask me to leave.


7/1/18 - They loaded 13 of us into a small plane. They calculated the total weight and said it was 500 lbs. That seemed incredibly light to me.


10/3/17 - A friend's daughter was graduating and they were having a celebration for her. They had me hold a starter pistol to fire when she walked through an archway. The Stone Temple Pilots song "Atlanta" began playing.


6/2/17 - I was watching a commercial for a multi-part TV series designed to all be watched in one day. Based on the clips they were showing and the tone of the narrator, it had a bit of a sci-fi/suspense feel to it. I was paying close attention because someone told me I was going to be in the commercial (I wasn't).

Narrator: "An all-day TV event from the creators of 'Niagara Springs.'* DEPARTURE! It's not only a journey, it can also mean... A CHANGE."

* = I remember thinking to myself, "I think the narrator meant 'Stranger Things.'"


8/29/14 - We had to move out of the house and into an apartment, yet the apartment was significantly bigger. It was vast. There were so many rooms. One of them had a modified vending machine. I picked up a hammer and set it on the nightstand next to the bed where I planned to sleep. I peeled a winding, red, plastic shell off of the head of the hammer before setting it on the nightstand.


8/15/14 - So much conflict. I tried to escape, even though I knew they could see me. I clearly remember the feeling of knowing that I might not have enough of a head start, but I was going to try to make it through that doorway anyway.

7/19/13 - Someone mailed me a big, old VHS camcorder with a tape in it. All around the outside of the camcorder was coded text written in various shades of chalk. Decoding the things written on the outside of the camcorder was the key to understanding the things that were contained on the tape inside.

7/?/13 - We were in a hotel suite. One small room was nearly filled up by an old computer. You and I talked and laughed about the animal expert who always seems humorless when he appears on talk shows.

7/9/13 - He stood on an unsteady, collapsing pile of garbage in a large industrial dumpster that had a ceiling and was like a room. In his hands, he held drug paraphenalia that started disintegrating in a similar manner to how the garbage under his feet was collapsing. The paraphenalia was in a brittle cheesecloth bag that fell apart in his hand. The only item inside it that remained intact was a sewing needle.

7/8/13 - They asked me to fix splintering shelves by using glue and clamps. The shelves lined the walls of a room full of Batman graphic novels. The color blue was prominent on the spines of the books. Outside they parked the Batmobile in front of the building for a photo op. A man was causing problems by the car and someone spoke up about it. They said he was frequently that way. Later, I met MM and JM's daughter. We had a conversation. My cousin was in the distance, riding up on a bicycle and saying things to make people laugh.

12/28/92 - I was in a room with a book open in my hands. The book listed names of demons and what they were the demons of. The last name on the list was the only one I was able to read. The demon's name was "Mince" and I remember it was the "Demon Of Anti-Semitism" (as described in the book I had). At one point, the lights in the room went out, and somehow I knew it was the "Demon Of Hate." I spoke commandingly and let the demon know I did not fear him. The lights came back on.