8/29/14 - We had to move out of the house and into an apartment, yet the apartment was significantly bigger. It was vast. There were so many rooms. One of them had a modified vending machine. I picked up a hammer and set it on the nightstand next to the bed where I planned to sleep. I peeled a winding, red, plastic shell off of the head of the hammer before setting it on the nightstand.

8/15/14 - So much conflict. I tried to escape, even though I knew they could see me. I clearly remember the feeling of knowing that I might not have enough of a head start, but I was going to try to make it through that doorway anyway.

7/19/13 - Someone mailed me a big, old VHS camcorder with a tape in it. All around the outside of the camcorder was coded text written in various shades of chalk. Decoding the things written on the outside of the camcorder was the key to understanding the things that were contained on the tape inside.

7/?/13 - We were in a hotel suite. One small room was nearly filled up by an old computer. You and I talked and laughed about the animal expert who always seems humorless when he appears on talk shows.

7/9/13 - He stood on an unsteady, collapsing pile of garbage in a large industrial dumpster that had a ceiling and was like a room. In his hands, he held drug paraphenalia that started disintegrating in a similar manner to how the garbage under his feet was collapsing. The paraphenalia was in a brittle cheesecloth bag that fell apart in his hand. The only item inside it that remained intact was a sewing needle.

7/8/13 - They asked me to fix splintering shelves by using glue and clamps. The shelves lined the walls of a room full of Batman graphic novels. The color blue was prominent on the spines of the books. Outside they parked the Batmobile in front of the building for a photo op. A man was causing problems by the car and someone spoke up about it. They said he was frequently that way. Later, I met MM and JM's daughter. We had a conversation. My cousin was in the distance, riding up on a bicycle and saying things to make people laugh.