HEH HEH HEEEH. So we were sitting on the patio in... where was it Arthur? Cancun? Anywho... there were these girls there and I was like, "Hello ladies," and they were all giggly. I think it was the pina coladas that was making them a bit tipsy. But I was like, "Do you know who I am?" And they just giggled at me. I got a mirror out of my valet kit that was under my lounge chair and I used a little comb to straighten my moustache. They kept on giggling at me. They must have thought I was quite attractive, because, well... I am. I'm Barry Williams, formerly of the hit Sherwood Schwartz show, "The Brady Bunch." AnyWHO, I was nodding my head and doing my sexy karate poses and they just kept giggling at me and I was like, "I am mister cool. I am Bruce Lee. You want me," because, well, they did of course. And they just kept giggling at me. That's when I noticed that my Speedos had fallen off.

more than likely, I"M THE ONE YOU'RE LI'VINING FOR