But I no order.

Why do you order these things if you don't want them?

But I no understand. I no order.

You didn't order 200 white imitation leather jackets with studs on them and rhinestones?

No. I am 90 years old. I am a sick person.

Why do you order them if you're not going to pay for them?

You've been bothering me for 90 years already!

For 90 years you had a headache?


That's crazy.

Don't bother me no more, or I'll call the police.

But sir-

I'm not in the business.


I'm not in the business.

You're not into fishing?

I'm not in the business!

Well sir, if you order now-

I don't want any!

We can send you the free complimentary porcelain tea set...

Don't bother me anymore. I am a sick person. I call police.

Well, if you don't want them, I guess we'll return the 900 imitation leather jackets.


Thank you sir.