The old familiar beautiful itch is back. But She's going away far too soon. I'll have to substitute another weakness for Her... something else to cross my eyes and taint my sleep. Something else to stop me dead in my tracks yet keep me from being able to stand still at the same time. Tied together with electric twine. You're fine... energized... but not going anywhere.

I love my Las Vegas trash. It feels like dirty leather pants, eating entire frozen pizzas, gorging on rum and vanilla coke... lifestyle twisted with whiskey. I am modern poetry. I am the sleazy words you love but wouldn't want me to date your daughter. I am dead at 27. I am Mercury. I am not going any farther. Because as unclean as I am, I am not blasphemy. I am dirty. I am high-strung. I am misled... by myself. But I am not evil.

Mother, am I still your son? How does the world like me now? They love me, hands reaching out. Hold me up above the sea of you while I entertain you with my own self destruction. I am a hundred flash bulbs going off at once and simultaneously burning out. I am everything you wish you could taste. I am waste. But I make it look so nice.

Is it all catching up with me? Not as long as I keep running.

Things are great in this neon desert. Sticky hot. Beads of sweat feel like a million tiny little massages while I rust by the pool. Remember to keep hydrated, kids. Morphine cotton candy. Get it right here, folks. Don't miss out on the gorgeous sloppy summer. I will be back on the road in a few weeks. I did a pair of acoustic sets last week at a small local club. I melted like a candle. They wanted more. Black long-sleeved collared shirt, black pants, black tie, black socks, black boots. The socks had gold tips. I left a gold coin as a tip for the waitress that kept bringing me my drinks on stage. She asked for my number. I said, "One." I am the burning leather cowboy of this apocalypse. I made everyone hurt and they wanted more. It was real. Sometimes knives cut more deeply than jigsaws. I left blood, sweat, spit and eyeliner up there. I decayed a little bit for all of you. It's time to plug everything back in soon though. It's time to let the electric company know that I'm still here.

Thank you for all the love. It's on its way back.


wow, you found something hard to find, drinker