live at Budokan.  live at Shoney's.  live at the Mason Jar.  live at your mom's house.

"Hey, I hear this town likes to party. Is that true? Does (INSERT CITY NAME HERE) like to party?"

"Boy, there sure are some fine looking pixies here in (INSERT CITY NAME HERE)!"

a flash of reality in the back of my head.  no... it's the back of your head.  are you back in your own head?


stop touching me.  you're a roadie.  leave me alone.

"Man, is it good to be back in (INSERT CITY NAME HERE)!"

"They sure have some weak crowds in (INSERT HATED CITY NAME HERE), lemme tell ya. But we're not in (INSERT HATED CITY NAME HERE) tonight! WE'RE IN #!?*&!(INSERT CITY NAME HERE)!!!"

The last time we were in (INSERT CITY NAME HERE), (INSERT DRUMMER'S NAME HERE) got busted by the pigs, man. But lemme tell you... it's all about the man keeping you down! It's a free concert from now on!

"Hey! Who threw that bottle at me? I swear, every time we play (INSERT CITY NAME HERE), some (INSERT FOUL NAME HERE) throws something at me! That's it! Show's over! Goodnight (INSERT CITY NAME HERE)! We won't be coming back anytime soon.

and even after all of that, someone will still cry out, "FREEBIRD!"