he was congratulating himself for a good show.

the miracle man was having a drink on the bathroom sink of his 5-star hotel room.

he was held hostage in an oyster shell, but he didn't care. the miracle man raised his glass to his reflection and toasted his success. he toasted his excess. he toasted his market share. he didn't care. he turned off the TV.

he could hear water running. he could hear running. he could hear water traveling through pipes in the bathroom. storms in columns of old steel. rust being put off for another day.

he thought it was funny how the running water, gurgling and bumping in the old pipes sounded like talking... like a woman's voice. she was talking to him. He felt guilty. he lowered his glass. he lowered his head. the miracle man went to bed.

it had been a busy day.

I will coo at you non-stop, like an agitated dove.