keystone is a coors product. let no one fool you.

well alcohol is one of the worst drugs on the planet if it wasnt so old and established it would be banned all over, a few beers or so no problem but drink around the clock and you get the worst withdrawal symtoms imagined, before benzodiasepines 30% of of the delirium tremens patient died by comparison horse is nice aching womiting runny nose, with alcohol when you roll like a propeller cant sleep, after 3 days of no sleep you go in to hallucination visual or hearing,heart beating like hel,l slight fever, chills like a horse trying to wade of flyes and that is just pre delirium, when DT really sets in you are really confused and just shaking all over when you get treatment its really agressive they put you to sleep with maybe 25 Mg of valium or more every 2 hour until you sleep and beta blockers to stop you shaking

Just 34 cents a day can feed an entire country of 275,000.  So give up your cup of morning coffee, you stingy miser! 101 screaming above the apartment h@l0