a million little TV sets, and nothing left

my mind was its own little country and then they took it over

that was not me. that was not what i was about

i was about the books and the pencils and the papers and the clay and the sand

i was about walking through walls and putting out fires

i was about being my own hero in a backyard world

this can't be happening

growing vertically and shrinking inward. drying up. spilling the cup.

in a little while i will be gone

i already miss me sometimes. i miss me most of all.

the morning is my path, the time when i sleep

i'm not here, i'm only making decisions in a dream

this can't be happening

leaving behind the vices and returning to a birth


bringing about your own feelings

watching a movie from your past. on the #### with sunset.

under the ground with no desire to ever leave the moment.

i reach back for it so many times. i reach back for ### so many nights

sometimes you think of ##, but the memory is now tainted somehow

i will stay. i will somehow stay in that place forever

i will cry inside over that #####. i will always think of the stars.

i will feel the wind through an open window and smile, with sadness

the ######## #### held the unknown on the other side. i waited for it. i waited for ###.

we never really knew

something was so real about something that was so fake

i don't know if anything will ever take its place

i find myself going there in my mind

i find myself not moving from this one spot

i find myself not paying attention to what i have ###, but to what i ###

something so chemical and something so whimsical and something so tragic and something so perfect

something i miss

could they #### ##### once again?

could we watch them in that movie again?

could they talk for hours and forget about how cold it is?

could ignorance be bliss?

could ignorance be something i miss?

i miss you




(part one to be accompanied by "How To Disappear Completely" - track 4 from "Kid A" by Radiohead. part two to be accompanied by "Treefingers" - track 5 from "Kid A" by Radiohead. intermission to be accompanied by brief silence and whatever ambient noises happen to be present. please remove screaming children from the room before attempting this.
thank you.)




p.s. no. that is not what it is about. you are wrong. i thought you would think that. but you're wrong. i'm sorry. that's just the way it is. it's interesting to compare what you're thinking and what i was thinking at the time. it's not even the same.