hey roll more on your page. It itself your is on fires on. Their heading pounding like someone run a Jackhammer within your Skull. Your even hurts, although he believes, how all are not them somehow there. They believe, as if you run more by a truck were left. Their eyes and wound are swollen. It easily your head, in order to recover your stocks. Things are still much blurry. To the last thing, which you remember, Morris was mailman... or was it a glass of punchpunch punches. Someone called you Susan, but that is not their name... at least you do not think it is. Their ears still burst with the Static, which is so everyone. They get your hand up to their and consider, Their lip one swells. That is, if you look and see around, the confusion... the space in complete disarray is, with exception of a perfectly arranged set metal encircling a bottle of the stainless steel with a figure of a rosafarbenen elephant on it. They begin to determine? They are in the reality... a little..., the latter some hours (or it was days? Weeks?) is from your life span a of the ten pictures comes to the life been. Or is this another from them straight. Or were all those lightnings of the strange pictures really reality and now are you somewhere otherwise... Halluzinieren or presenting. repeat it tests on you. Again? it tests on you beforehand through? I? Do you mean me? Do I mean you? They determine, we in your head... speak, or it you in its heading even is speaking. Or is switched on the television set and your eyes is closed. it radio in your thoughts? Or is that radio, which thinks more you? arrives the DJ around at playing this Song, which you requested. They know, Labels direction? It sounds like Elvis. Or is a straight. They regard down your more from the space and see? It like old elvis Elvis... geklitten become..., which which one formed of false plastics. Quite down to porkchopsideburns and to bloat... it is you..., I mean, it am Elvis. They try to represent out if you are dead, or if Elvis is dead. Or are dead both from you. Or from you only forwards to be dead. Or of you dies only, around . I mean, as much as, this am not, at least it meaningful much am much more meaningful, than still something has one while. They know, what I mean? Am I being means? this means of everything? Is it the means, the focal point or the mode?

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...................................................................That's Just Morris. He's Our Mailman. He's a little strange.

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