New stuff (compared to V0.73) ============================= * Bug fix to make Rainbow Islands playable. * Game Gear stereo using the OPL 3 chip (in SB Pro (new version) and above). Use /nostereo from the command line if you are having problems. USE /nostereo OPTION IF MASSAGE CANNOT DETECT YOUR SOUNDCARD. * Player 2 can be controlled by keys 1 - Up, Q - Down, W - Left, E - Right, 2 - "Button 1" and 3 - "Button 2". This is intended for using redefinable joysticks which plug into the keyboard socket. * Option to set target speed, using /speed from the command line. * Obvious corruption fixed in Astro Warrior, Popeye, Surf Ninjas, GP Rider, MahjongG. * Less obvious corruption fixed in Ax Battler (on the bridge) and the Sega TM bits (in Space Harrier.GG and Aerial Assault.GG etc.) * Pop Breaker can now be played (but only in Japanese mode). * Certain parts of the screen are pre-calculated which causes the speed to be reported at a higher value, however it varies slightly.

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