Jackson Rake's Journal
I leave my thirsty loadings move to whole excessive and her coming home with lies over women    
01:2ám 22/04/2002
Tendency: high
music: Sugar - " your favourite thing "
Finally back in the fat intestine of Vegas. The newest leg of the Promotour its more rueber. Dead. Ms it, miss it.

Layne Staley did not leave... a doubt on a last Opiatwolke to us. All we ride the horse, until it eats us.

So nicely to be in the nano-volt back in Dr. Robert harnesses me above. That is, pendulum, it is that this verfluchte Scurvy again quite. What do you, hydrocodone say? I agree. Nothing like a bath of the fire to receive to this deep dirt outta me down. I feel again almost human. Time for a bath, something smell and something, which becomes, synthesize to the Morphium in my brain.

Player hate of all, which you would like. They become my lawns the following week maehen.

Something, which explains to me that is somewhat not... quite    
10:17pm 17/04/2002
  I hurt... completely more rueber. Modelo. Imported inexpensive beer of Mexico. May you of your pain, my friend freely always be. I like. It is hard to hold your head sometimes above. It is hard to hold itself from watching out it all implode and from enjoying front row a seat. I fell sleeping in the back of a driving cab this evening. I was on my way back from somewhere. Where? I do not have an idea. I cannot, I there in the first place received. I have a scrap iron of the paper in my bag with a number on it. Whose? I do not know. I am not interested. I threw it away, then I adjusted the waste box to fires. From which they explain to me, I caused quite a scene at the bus terminal. Apparent I was something over an ulcer ranting and raving and like it am each disturbance " down there. " To the only thing, which I remember, a Erdbeercreme orders with Jack in the box. I went up to the drive through loudspeakers and ordered. Then wind-talk I up to the window. They rejected to serve me because I was not in a carrier. They let me come in and receive my vibration. Morons. I drank half of it threw then the remainder with a Mercedes, which struck me nearly, when I went down to the Sidewalk. Tim and my manager came me after security at the bus terminal receive, which was explaining requested the hotel me them my digital space key handing over and them it, if all order beverages for us go.

Tranquilizers and tranquilizers educate us completely smaller than ants. Some the pills form the wood largely.

I hope myself sleep well this evening.
They explain to me that I must shave.    
03:áem 15/04/2002
  Ahh... hygeine. Hello gene. Hello gene. Towards, bum I knows a cigarette away of you?

The days have become days and the hours a lining became. The cigarettes became few and the crew grow restlessly and slowly-acting. I query a revolting. I really query something to the hand fun. It approaches 4 in in the morning and I stated straight that my manager left to the keys its MietCadillac on the editor into my area of, when he was in here earlier me asks, not to receive us thrown from another hotel. at the keys::

I believe my journalization in the cases of the daily must on influence for now be set. I have the transport supporting fixture keys in my hand and ichBIN in the term to precede from the door to the park lot. Would like to come?

It is Knockin ' - it does not leave me alone    
12:20am 14/04/2002
Tendency: maintained
music: Rifle N ' Roses - " Mr. Brownstone "
I tended to do few but not it would do, thus more few would receive and more to the little. They know the program.

What is this? My 5. Day of the press and the promotions? I do not know. Everything it is, who a Unschaerfe of the beverages with umbrellas in them, into which everything, which I mean hands receive on can, swallows stupid questions, which white noises are, photographs, photographs, photographs, photo learning sections, and now carries the same leather trousers for... uh... three days or something.

The cords of this local blue rock outlaw volume found me remained out in the city. They represented above at my door with instruments. Kid I it not. The roadie cord had 3/4 of a full drum installation set even. I was as, safe. 20 minutes later, tear I and the cords in the blind concrete the cap away to a cover up " of the course held a Rollin. " 5 minutes after that, we were officially asked to leave the hotel. My manager and Tim tried, uptight manager cord down to speak and him slide more calculations like the other night. No cubes. We are in a better place now somehow. This place was a drilling. I explained that to them. When we left, upturned I the very large free standing ashtray near the elevator and emptied such 10 Pound of the sand of him into the elevator. I was so proud. It was like art. I did not congratulate myself with one smoke in the vorhalle near that " a smoking indication. "

I do not ensure me over ' No., a waste of the cause worryins from my time. Verfluchtes straight.

Forwards we received here a pair hour. Mick crew security cord and I would turn a waste box at the end of the Hallway of the hotel and broke balls from 150 foot far away with an iron 9 for 20 dollars a play off. They had a choice, 2 points for it inside to break off, or you could use more putter for 1 point. Each cord received 10 shots per round, and naturally I stepped its donkey and took its whole money.

They received to hold pushin ' for the fortune and the fame. At least that is, which they hold to explain to me. My zehennaegel turned a strange color... nearly like nut/mother of the bead. No joke. They did this a mark, when I was on shrooms. Time for more butals and any vodka/Gatorate Bastardcocktailguete. I imagine like this hotel a complete lot better already. The cord in the following area seems quite cool. I estimate it am from any video game company and here on business. I spoke deluxe Tequila on its table with him in the entrance of his area and saw like 40 empty bottles Amstel and two very large family-sorted jugs of any. It received to be good. I should have it later for cocktails and tranquilizers more rueber. I kept to split up. Room service is here. Oysters on half half. Hell yeah, cousin Jim.

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We goods Voodoo    
05:07pm 13/04/2002
Tendency: konfuse
music: David Bowie - " Ziggy Stardust "
I did not wake up this morning knowing, where I was. Someone of this traveler Circus knocked over the lamp in the corner and someone let really strange sculptures from line hanger in the wandschrank coat. One of the creations looks like an ape. Strangely. I woke up lying on the floor near the air conditioning system by the window. I have still no idea, where my Sunglasses went. Someone knocked a bundle of times on the door this morning. Finally I rolled over and kreischte, " I killed her all, leave. " That stopped it.

My went to three o'clock interview with any stupid magazine over as well as a root channel. Two questions in the idiot asks me, whether my Jackson obstructs " ruehrstange " persona, whom I " really in the morning. " I asked it whether its jackass helps him to follow with the life. He liked that. I spent the following 20 minutes, which form lies up, in order to answer the remainder of the questions. These people are Prostituiertee of the feather/spring. They must hear on when and curse to speak so much to stop. I explained to him that also it looked on like gene Simmons without its condition. It did not seem as to that as many. Piss on these people. I pay its pay cheque. I explained to him that around to go me from the hotel staff receive another beverage you. It took it 17 minutes, in order to receive with it back. I said, if it were in to take that long it could have gotten me some beverages at least. It reminded me that it did not work for me. I asked it piss away and asked him to go. It. I am sure that I receive good press from this rag.

Took me 10 minutes, in order to convince the donkey at the front desk to have a new television set which was gotten up to my area. They took the old broken (also fill broken screen) from the area and I said, " no vacation, to that here also! " They regarded me strangely and set thrash he back. I would like to clog that Sauger inside and do high voltage experiments with him this evening. See, what I can do with it.

Whatever. Enough this Unsinnes. I will explain out, where the pool and sauna in this place are.

Snorting, whatever is crushed above on the Nightstand    
08:4åm 13/04/2002
  I do not have an idea. For all I know freaking the girl left Boraxo on the thing. I straight liked Ozzy and the ants. SNNNNNNNNNHHHRRRRFFF. Gone. The telephone held to clips. People wished interviews. I asked, how hell received her the number. Which hardens people for bundles. Which kind of the scratch. I gave a stating line to a cord and said pressure that. ErIST not in the situation to print it. I think you can SOME those things in the magazines only say. Anyway. Thus I took the telephone, pulled the mains cable violently and stomped it. Another knocking on the door. Yeah of everything finely. None do not need I any more. Lassen Sie Zimmerservice herauf eine anderen Paare jener Fruchtservierplatten senden. JA die, die ich vorher hatte. Dumb. Sie f ä llt mich hatte eine andere Flasche von 50 butalbitols in meinem ledernen Beutel aus. Ja. Sogar weniger Spannung. Ich drehe mich herauf den Stereo. Ein Lautsprecher im Raum hier, der andere dehnte bis jetzt in das Badezimmer aus, da ß die Lautsprecherleitung fast Rechnung das Photographhalteseil clotheslined. Er tat hier etwas f ü r konkrete Viking Zeitschrift. Was auch immer. Die Lautsprecher haben gerade genug Zischen. Ahh... Entsprechung. Wei ß e Ger ä usche. Das Halteseil im folgenden Raum liebt es. Ich kenne es gerade. Ich drehe es oben f ü r ihn.

Ja wurde ich Hawk aller f ü r einen Dollar. Und ich. Und Sie kauften ihn. Drehen Sie so weg den Fernsehapparat und lesen Sie ein altes Buch durch irgendein totes Halteseil, das mehr, bevor er 20 war, als Sie tut in Ihrem vollst ä ndigen Leben tat. Ihre Freunde sind vort ä uschen, GEN X!
Bilden Der NahrungsmittelcFlecke Auf Den Hotel-M ö beln    
02:1 â m 13/04/2002
Stimmung: gest ö rte
Musik: Samt Unterirdisch - "Heroin "
Ich habe nicht viel, zum im Augenblick zu sagen. Mein Manager sagt uns mu ß auf neuen F ö rderungen arbeiten. Ich bat ihn, einige seiner lackeys zu erhalten, um es zu tun. Er dr ü ckte mich, um dieses Journalabkommen zu tun, das vom website verbunden wurde. O.K., wenn die Zicklein es m ö gen, was auch immer. So ß e-Zug.

Der Hotelmanager kreischte gerade an mir und ich erkl ä rte ihm, wohin man geht. Ich erkl ä rte ihm, da ß ich sein Chef bin. Ich informierte ihn den. Ich erhielt Bier und Nahrung ganz ü ber dem Laptop. Wer sich interessiert. Ich lade es zum Aufkleber auf und Tim zu erkl ä ren zu gehen erhalten Sie anderen ein. Ich sitze hier und die Schl ü ssel sind mit Champagner, Bier und Nahrung klebrig. Ich denke dort bin etwas Blut auf dem Schreibtisch in diesem Hotelraum. Ich brach bereits den Fernsehapparat. Ich mag auf jene Sachen stehen und weg von ihnen springen, w ä hrend sie auf dem Aufbereiter sind. Wechselwirkende Unterhaltung. Ich kuppele Mary Hart. Halt die Schnauze und gehen Sie h ö ren zum Pixies, moron.