General Description: Kava is a sprawling Polynesian evergreen shrub. A member of the pepper family.
Parts Used: The large root.
Active Ingredients: kavalactones.
Propagation: Kava does not grow from seeds, it propagates itself from rhizomes (root cuttings).
It needs high humidity warmth and shade. It is native to streambeds in warm climates like hawaii.

At 6:30 pm, we ate a teaspoon of the oil, washing it down with plenty of water. There was a momentary mild queasiness as it hit the stomach, which passed quickly. Seven minutes later, the first effects began, with a mild wave through the body of relaxation, and mild euphoria. Further teaspoon doses were taken at 6:45 and 7:00. The pleasant effects continued to increase in intensity, and were not unlike a large dose of codeine, although with some numbness and tingling in the extremities. There were some mild visual effects, with the world taking on a kind of sheen or glow.

two five two-thousand-one: I have been taking it the last two nights to help with my insomnia. It has worked well. It gives me vivid dreams, and they are very violent sometimes.

three twenty-eight two-thousand-one: The Kava experiment has ended. All other experiments have ended. I am feeling better now.

four thirty on four thirty two-thousand three: the paxil experiment ended some time ago. I am truly feeling better now. I am a better citizen 92% of the time. My teeth are more minty fresh and I am a better father to my children. I can make a difference. I am citizen. I am consumer. I am a silent majority. I am the minority in my own house. I am 1/3 overruled. I am the peasant. I will bring you poisoned bread. I will shoot you in the head. I am better. Yes.