Introducing The Bad Scary Place 

1. Mean Red Plastic Prison
2. Pimpy Jumping Monkey Grade School Snow Cone 
3. Garlic Spider Prison 
4. Monkey Game/Monkey Army 
5. Morris' First Loop 
6. Morris' Second Loop 
7. Codeine 
8. Kung Fu Style 
9. Miracle Man (Part One) 
10. Miracle Man (Part Two) 
11. Miracle Man (Part Three)
12. Idiot Master 
13. Miracle Man (DJ Sirrom House Remix)




Psychedelic Freak-Out And The Dada Picnic 

1. Vomiter 2000 
2. Bronze (Holes In Eyes, Eyes Like Holes) 
3. Parking Lot Attendant (ASU) 
4. Parking Lot Attendant (Biased Freak-Out Mix) 
5. African Painting 
6. Bad Plastic 
7. I Bought Your Tape And Put It In My Car 
8. Mental Health 
9. Midgets 
10. Gnome Farm! (Original Mix) 
11. Evidence Of Lunch 
12. Paxil 



The Nervous Breakdown Album 

1. Social Anxiety Disorder 
2. Panic Disorder (And The Scarecrow) 
3. Depression 
4. OCD (Makes Me Want To Do It All Over Again) 
5. Counters (Math Hate) 
6. A Little Trip Into The Manhole (Descent) 
7. Eighth Grade All Over Again 
8. The Theft Of An Endoscopy Probe And The Stalking Of My Life (1982) 
9. Becoming Smooth Again 
10. Chewy 
11. Entering Morris' Dream 
12. Potato Gun (You Would) 
13. Believe What You See 
14. Kava Kava And The Wrong Dream 
15. Potato Aftermath 
16. Believe What You See (Reprise) 
17. Kabuki/Tiki 
plus CD-ROM Bonus (Pictures, Bio, and government conspiracy chest wound) 



Mountainside Protection Ring 

1. Nitrous Oxide 
2. The Little Girl With The Hidden Sword 
3. Warm (A Million Little TV Sets) 
4. Intermission/Food 
5. Following The Captain Through The Stars 
6. Fractals 
7. Angry Librarian 
8. Angry Librarian (Secret Mix) 
9. Fears Downing, Fears Dogs, Fears Bees 
10. Doppleganger 
11. The Multimedia Fetus 
12. Spanish Drugs 
13. Falling From The Mezzanine 
14. Moon Baby (As Soon As We Get Small) 
15. I Can't Hide From My Ego (My Guilt) 
16. Warm 



The Movie In Your Head 

1. Cool Like Breeze 
2. Chlorophyll Like Plant 
3. Whizzing Like Wind (Drink The Epinephrine) 
4. Humming Like Siren (The Best Thing Where I'm At) 
5. In The Rain And The Sun And The Rain And The Rain 
6. It Translates Something In The Losing 
7. Pixiestaubes 
8. Live In Never Never Land 
9. Waking Up In A Pool Of Cold Sweat (Static) 
10. Continue In Fear 
11. Aladdin Sane 
12. Dope (Making Choices) 
13. Horus The Dog 
14. Typewriters For Heads (Keys For Teeth) 



Evidence Of A Circumstance 

1. Loaded At The Time 
2. All Beginning To Blend 
3. Let Me Tell You Something 
4. Green Rain 
5. Cigarettes On The Dash Board 
6. Technological Angel 
7. Absorbed 
8. Face To Face 
9. Love Is A Stick 
10. That's Good, Let's Go, It Doesn't Matter 
11. I Hear Them At Night (Crying) 
12. Listening When I Talk 
13. Process 



Echoes And Vibrations 

1. Vibrations And Echoes 
2. Pills/Vitamins 
3. Library Evil (Corridor) 
4. 1982 
5. Ripped From The Soft Warm Womb Of The Dream 
6. Hyphenated 
7. Void 
8. The End Of The Dream Begins 
9. Speak Binary 
10. Agents Shining Bright Lights 
11. Wings Made Of Meat 



Everything Eye Do 

1. Sitting Gnome 
2. Chasing The Ice Cream Truck 
3. Inventory 
4. Negabomb 
5. Video Feedback Unit 
6. Lard Vortex 
7. Propaganda 
8. Black And White Keys 
9. Russia Hit With A Funk Bomb 
10. An Overly Acidic Stomach Lining (Lemon) 
11. The Tour Guide 



Fear Of Mirrors (purple vinyl edition - coming soon) 

1. Coca Ropa (Kill Everyone) 
2. Iron Lung Party 
3. Elitist Tea And The Hater 
4. Paper Towel, Paper Trowel 
5. Inflatable Hitter Mallot For Slugging 
6. Oil Fire On The Beaches (We Beat Lybia) 
7. Benzo Kangaroo 
8. Firecracker Train 
9. The Future Is Based On What We Mumble Now 
10. Scary Clown Oil Painting 
11. The House Files

played backwards
this is not all there is (to life)
I am the coin that you gamble.
RPM ? ? ? (If you figure it out, tell me)
I have a well-known physician trapped in my lamp
The Miracle Man has the funk, just like this light
She kept rearranging the same five items. (Checkout Hell)
nothing but a common drunk
The hoSPITal workers tAINT your food