Coco El: Lead SingerPrecious Funk: BassMilky X: Lead GuitarBoris Gee: Drums

When I was just a young lad, we would get our photographs developed at K-Mart's photo lab. One day we picked up our pictures and took them home. When we opened them up, we realized that they had given us the wrong photos. In the envelope were some other family's pictures. They were all red-haired people. They looked nothing like us. So we made up names for them. We decided they were the "Blabin" family. One of them was in several pictures. We named him "Cornelius Blabin." Another one we called "Blabin Blabin." I don't know if we ever did go back and get the right pictures. The Blabins' pictures were good enough for us, I guess.

Zooming in   Zooming out   Nothing I can do about   A lens to see it all up close   Magnifying what everybody knows   Never in conflict   Never alone   No car alarm   No cellular phone curiousity killed the cat with an aXe. b33r can only take you so ]-[!G]-[ he may be the drummer.  he may die of an overdose.  but he has FEELINGS, man!