"The Babbler," "The Bored Man," "Bulgarian Betty," "The Buzzer," "Cherry Picker," "The Counting Station--The CIA," "Cuban Atencion Stations," "Czech Drums & Trumpets," "Czech Lady," "DFC37 and DFD21," "Fife Free," "Four Note Rising Scale," "High Pitch Polytone," "KKN50," "The Lincolnshire Poacher," "Magnetic Fields," "MOSSAD--Israeli Intelligence," "Mystery Beeper," "New Star Broadcasting Station," "NNN Station," "Oblique," "Old Phonetic Alphabet Stations," "OLX," "The Rasper (LINK-11)," "Ready Ready," "The Russian Man," "The Skylark," "Single Letter High Frequency Markers," "Six Tone Station," "Strich," "Swedish Rhapsody," "Three Note Oddity," "Two Letter Phonetic," "Whales/Backwards Music," "The Woodpecker," and "Station YT."

Taken together, these recordings possess almost a musical quality. It's collage art made from sound, what with the wide variety of white-noise textures, the almost ghostly delivery of the numbers, the fragments of music and other broadcasts, the minimal melodic patterns of the recitals, and the allure of their unknown origin.

the cryptic fascinates me and frightens me at the same time.  i am the cryptic.