E1     Ready Ready

*E2     Arabic Man / The Babbler

 E3     Lincolnshire Poacher

 E4     Cherry Ripe

 E5     The Counting Station
 E6     English Man - aka The Russian Man, ends 00000
        a.      2 group commencing 11111
        b.      3F ID with 5F group in "call"

 E7     English Man - ending with 000 000

 E9     Magnetic Fields
 E10    Phonetic Alphabet - NATO Designators (MOSSAD)
 E11    Oblique

 E12    NNN

 E13    Five Dashes

*E14    The Counting Station 4F "control" transmission

 E15    Phonetic Alphabet - pre-NATO Designators (Nancy Adam Susan)

 E16    Two Letter 

 E17    English Lady - aka The Russian Man ends, 00000

 E18    Fife Free (Edna Sednitzer)

 E19    Irish Man 

 E20    Two message English Man 

 E21    The Counting Station old 4F format (replaced by 3/2FG format) English accent
        a. American Accent

 E22    Arabic Man 2L/F
 E23    Swedish Rhapsody, was G2


*G1     Tyrolean Music Station
        a. Irregular Tunes - 1st section
        b. Irregular Tunes and phrase message 1st section

 G2     Swedish Rhapsody, now E23
        a.Counting variant

*G3     Gongs or Chimes

 G4     Three Note Oddity

 G5     The Counting Station
        a."Zwei" variant
 G6     German Lady - aka The Russian Man, ends 00000

 G7     German Lady ends 000 000 
        a.    774 type variant
 G8     Four Note Rising Scale
        a. Single repeated 5F groups
        b. Rapid dots intro
*G9     Saxaphone Piece
        a. 3/2 group variant
*G10    Bert Kaempfert

 G11    Strich

 G12    NNN

 G13    Five Dashes

 G14    DFC37 and DFD21

 G15    Papa November (Two Letter)
        a. Papa November read over notes
 G16    Two Letter 

*G17    German Lady (5420 kHz)

*G18    Eight Note rising and falling scale

 G19    German Man, ends 000000

*G20    Spruch
        a. one 5F group
*G21    Music and Morse

*G22    Edna Sednitzer

*G23    2M8, Hitler's Birthday


*S1     "Aida"

 S2     Drums and Trumpets (Last Post) 
        a. With Bugle
        c. 3F Nomer then reversed
        d. 5F Nomer

S3      Czech Words

*S4     Edna Sednitzer

*S5     OLX (Old format with null messages)

 S6     Russian Man 00000
        a. 55555 00000 format
        b. Two groups commemcing 11111
        c. Single 5F group repeated
        d. ID + 111
        e. Two message
        f. 00000 00000 (possible TX error)

 S7     Russian Man 000 000
        a. Multiple two group
        b. Multiple single group message using same ID
 *S8    YT

*S9     Polish Counting

 S10    Czech Lady (piano, later five notes)
        a. 555 "idler" format
        b. 5 note intro, 3 versions
        c. 3F ID with "idler"
        d. 3F ID
*S11    "Presta"

 S12 "Cherta"

 S13 Russian Counting and announcements, two minute (UPT76, etc)
 S14 Russian Counting and announcements, long duration (Shield 58/South 96, etc)

*S15 Rapid Dots (earlier OLX format)

*S16    OLX

*S17    Czech Lady control 5FG
        a. No circuit No,Indexing or group count
        b. "01" group count
        c. 313-5F, "05" group count
?S18    Czech Man 3FG 5FG

 S19    Czech Man control
        a. 000 format

*S20    "Aifada"

 S21    Russian Lady


 S25    Russian Man control
        a.11111 22222 format
        b. With message
*S26    "Zyt Zyt" ("Hush Hush" in Polish)

 S27    Czech Lady II

 S28    The Buzzer (formerly XB)

Other Langauges

*V1     The Skylark (aka The Mad Violinist) 
        a. With additional tune

 V2     Spanish Lady 
        a. 150/150/150 type (three messages, all 150 count)


 V5     The Counting Station
*       a. 4F
 V6     Spanish Lady 00000

 V7     Spanish Man 000 000

 V8     Eastern Music - Arabic, 6645, 11292 kHz
 V9     Oriental Langauge, 5738, 6280, 8036 kHz
*V10    Schlosst

 V12    NNN - French

 V13    New Star Broadcasting

*V14    The Counting Station "control" transmission

 V15    Radio Pyongyang - North Korean Numbers

 V16    Chinese Numbers 

 V17    Romanian 3FG +000
 V18    NNN - Hungarian

 *V19   WTR21 - Don't Cry For Me Argentina

 V20    The Bored Man

 V21    The Babbler

* No longer in existance

Morse Code

 M1     2-Tone hand-keyed, ends 000
        a. End of Month variant
        b. As a. but with message
        c. All other variants inc. 3 long dash ending
 M2     CW version of NNN, ends AR Long Zero 
 M3     / Ends ==000
        a. With triplet element
 M4     LOLO Long Zero

 M05- 6 Fig 000000 Long Zero
  *M6    OLX
        a. Rapid dots tuning sig.
  M7     Formerly Rapid Dashes MCW ends 000 + TS

  M8     Cut Numbers, Ends AR AR AR SK SK SK (Cuba)

  M10    Formerly Rapid Dashes CW 2 fig DK, End 000
        a. Triplet 000
        b. Additional groups, ends Triplet 000
        c. 5F Headers
        d. GC sent 3 times

 M11    Variation of M1
  M12    Ends 000 000(3 or 4 fig. DK) 
  M13    Ends 3 long dashes

  M14    Ends 00000 or 5 long dashes
 M15- DEA 47
  M16    8BY

  M17    MCW ends VA
  M18    4 fig pseudo time signal
  M19    MPL
  M20    V ends == 000 
  M21    ????? 14 fig pseudo time signal type. 
  M22    4XZ
  M23    Odd/Even Many Variants (all long zero)
  M24    Ends 5 long dashes, see M14
        a. 2nd addressee, hand keyed
  M25    KKN, KRH, KWS series
  M26    98
 M27- BTV

  M28    HEP

  M29    VDE ends AR
        a. No preamble
        b. Extended preamble
 M31- FDC, FDG etc series 
  M32    (Russian Military Net) 
  M33    P8K Long Zero 
  M34    1 12345 2fig IDs, no ending 
        Alteration "11 12345"
  M39    3 fig IDs + 4 elements of 5 figure
 M36  Deleted, it was actually P8K 

 M40- CQ 3 fig
 M41- WZD
 M42- KUL etc network
 M43- 6XM8/C37A group
  M44    Continuous Letters
  M45    S21 Morse, ends 000 
  M46    3 fig cumulative 
  M47    /2/3fig cumulative (JST) 
 M48- The Skylark, Ciocirlia Morse
 M49- G8A morse
  M50    Hand Keyed 5431kHz+ 4947kHz Many Variants
  M51    100x 5L groups
  M52    2fig:6fig, long zero

  M53    747.3F, ends "== AR AR VA VA".   YT / BVT Family?
        a. Hand Keyed variant
 M54- V89T,only null message format known
  M55   F x 6, 000 000,long zero, null message

  M56    1fig:5fig, long zero


  M58    ===3lt   UNDER RE-EVALUATION

  M63    A2A  
 M64- "= 3F 3F = 11111 5F, AR"
 M65- Ends "= = QRU QRU SK SK"
 M67- Ends 0000 (Turkish?)
        a. 3F 2F 7777


 MX SLHFMs     
 MXC Clusters 
 MXF FSK Mode      
 MXL Solitary long-term
 MXS Solitary short-term      
 MXP "P" with message
 MXV irregular V 

 X1  Bugle
 X6     Six Tone Station
 XC     Crackle
 XB     Buzzer  (now S28)
 XF     Faders

 XE     Echo
 XW     Workshop
 XP Polytone 

 XPH    Polytone High Pitch
 XPL Polytone Low Pitch
 XM     Backwards Music / Whales
 XX     Pip
 XS  Saw/Whine 
XXX     Fast CW pips, 3595Khz