a disposition to view objects and events in a ludicrous light to refer to and illustrate conceives and remembers the situations and the relative localities of external objects love of grandeur-- infinitude to covet, to acquire, and to gain, without determining either objects to be acquired, or the manner of acquisition  It disposes to seriousness, melancholy and fear a propensity to destroy. It does not consider the object of its application, nor the manner of destroying. It gives poetic imagination, fancy and inspiration. acquires knowledge of artificial signs, and arranges them according to natural laws it presides over chronology the propensity to be secret in thoughts, words and deeds numeration and calculation in general it confers the capacity to plan and construct the power of tune has the same relation to the ear, as coloring has to the eye giving a tendency to imitate we are listening acquires the knowledge of events, occurrences, or phenomena to chain the thoughts and feelings to one particular subject until it is completed instinct or faculty of appetite to trace cause and effect falarm alse straeh fo owt leporidae redeo