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_____ produced _______ ______, the ____ album by sometimes
_______-local rock n' roll heroes _______ ______. They had a knack
for the ___ __ ____ ______ ______ _______ __ their five
previous releases, but with _____ on board, all of a ___________ their
songs come in under ______ minutes and feature large _____ sections.
There were also a few fades and cross-____ segues, and the album was
just over a half-____ long. _____has done the same thing to ___ ________.
This melodic _____ combined with wave after wave of utterly brutal _________ attack have set them apart from the
______-level screams
The tracks that will sell this record are the crucial rarities found on
file-sharing programs the last five years: the ________ versions of
so let the kids pray to K____ C_____ - at least these guys are still here.
The disc opens with with the _________ version of _______ hands-down
the pinnacle of the _______ oeuvre. It's a faithful reading, with pearls
Unfortunately lumped with by-the-book __-______ bands,
crucial rarities