[therefore remove the following]

Like a crossover gospel artist, ________ lyrics could be sung to a
girl, or could be sung to his watered-down version of "God." With
uncharacteristic [pedestrianness], his themes of love, light, soul,
tears, blah, sound like _____ of the high-school poetry he
inspires in his fans
In fact, if you've heard the album _________, and have a
copy of __ ______ _________ ________ you'll have a good idea
of what _______ ____ _______ sounds like. [sp?]
straightforward, slightly phasey drums - just like ___ ________. It's
not the first time he's bitten [the band] - ______ ____ bassline
in _______ shows up as a guitar riff in the _________ _____________
nothing epic, nothing too outrageous, or ambitious - a collection of
twelve modest songs with funny titles and singable melodies.
like ______ _________ but without hope
characterized by thin, repetitive drums that sound like C____loops,
It's a proto-____ record, mostly atmospheric, with ______ _____vocals driven into the back of the mix.
After the brief intro featuring ____ use with a fashionable dumb guitar riff