[therefore remove the following]

_____________ are the real thing, and _________ knows it.
Like most solo
albums, _____________ is a nice thing for the fans to have,
but it's nothing to get ____________ about.
There's zero groove on the repetitive ___________ __________,
how are we supposed to believe anything else he has to say?
- _______ lost again and alone in the studio without ___________
only because the band isn't doing anything. It's nothing to get excited
It's not surprising that _______ __ _ ________ has none of what made
an attempt to distance himself from his old band or show everyone that he
can go it alone. But
Fine, outgrown the _____ ______. And like seemingly every
other solo album, it lacks the soul of his popular work. But that's
what made the ________ what they were. Even the _______ _______ of
the song titles (e.g. "_____ ________ _ ____") read like weak attempts to
conjure the ________ self self-importance.
Who are you to tell me to question authority
And that's where the magic happened - even in _____ - with the
exception of the ______ ______, the ________ album recorded